Who we are

Product of Caffeine is based in the beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. We strive for quality vs quantity and a level of transparency, honesty, quality, and commitment that is unparalleled in our market. Communication is what separates us from our competitors, and our clients are constantly telling us how much they enjoy working with us.

What we do

We love the web, and its not in our interest to put crappy things on it. We want to watch the web grow upwards, not sideways, and we won’t take on a project unless we believe we can make it great. This is why we are focused building a brand strategy that focuses on planning, design, development, and maintenance. We’ll even help you find a platform that will work for your business, such as Bigcommerce (eCommerce), WordPress (CMS), or even a completely custom solution. We also can support your brand with services like print design (stationery, print media), marketing design (digital advertising, social media branding, email templates), and branding (logos, strategy, design).

Our Process

We have created a project workflow that has been proven to give you the best possible results.


Planning includes developing a content and design strategies that will help you solve your business problems, and meet your goals.


Producing a great design and developing the site in accordance to your plan will ensure your customers have a hassle free experience.


Once the plan, design, and development are complete it is time to execute our content strategy, ensuring all target points are met.


A site is never truly complete. Maintenance, modification, and updates should be performed regularly to ensure a your site is running smooth.

What do our clients think?

"First thing that comes to mind is your responsiveness and client service. You did a fantastic job at that. I really felt like you were both listening closely and following through on everything, and I appreciated the quick responses that showed that you understood what I was asking, your timeline for completing the tasks, and so on. When it comes down to it, there's a lot of places that can design a website, so it's hard to make Produce of Caffeine distinct from the competition based on web design services. What DOES distinguish you from others is the commitment to client service and your responsiveness."

− Brett Bruyere

"The guys at Product of Caffeine were great. They responded promptly to email questions and concerns, and seemed very knowledgeable. When some web hosting issues came up for which they were not responsible, they took the lead on fixing them. Unlike some other companies out there, they did it without charging a bunch of extra fees. Clearly, customer satisfaction is a priority for them. We highly recommend them."

− Town Hill Editing

"I approached Product of Caffeine after another developer didn't complete the reprogramming of our website per the agreement we had with them. This resulted in leaving us hanging right before a crucial deadline. In an attempt to get our website up and running as soon as possible, Product of Caffeine quickly came up to speed on our project, worked hard to try to use what the other programmer started, but ended up having to start from scratch which resulted in them getting the site up and running within a few weeks. "

− Mike Adamson