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You get what you pay for

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Like many items in life, the term “you get what you pay for” is very relevant for website design and development. Being a custom and top tier solution, we see many companies offer complete website packages that start at $350 and typically don’t go over the $2000 mark. This is something to be very leery of for a few reasons.

1) Templated Hand Me Down Solutions.

Let’s say you are an engineering consultant looking for a new website to showcase your practice, services, and past clients. This is a simple website so the price should be cheap, right? This is where “you get what you pay for” comes into play. A website that is usually in the $300-800 range is a template that has been used on many different websites within the same industry as you. The problem with this approach is that even though it is cheaper you will look like the rest of your competition. You want to be able to stand out from the crowd and a beautiful WordPress Website Design will make you memorable.

The other way to look at this is how much is a client worth? The quality of your website is directly linked to the quality of the client. If you go with a company offering a template solution for very cheap then don’t expect to land larger clients since the design isn’t impressive. On the other hand, if you take the time to get powerful content and go with a firm that provides exceptional design (even for a bit pricier) then you will be attracting clients that are more qualified, have better budgets, and are typically easier to work with.

2) The cheaper the price, the cheaper the product.

When purchasing a home, you always look for the common flaws: how is the roof on the house, are the cupboards broken, how does the plumbing look, how is the foundation, and more. You usually see this correlation with the price of the house as well. If you are purchasing a mobile home then you can expect fair quality versus purchasing a custom built home in which you would expect high quality and focus on detail. One is meant to be produced for the masses while the other is meant to be produced for the individual.

With websites we see the same issues. Cheaper websites are not efficiently coded and come with bugs within the framework itself. On the management side, you are given no options to control the content and trying to make any updates yourself will cause the site to break. With more price comes a better quality of product.

At Product of Caffeine, we are higher priced than others however our websites are coded to industry standards, include amazing designs, and are custom coded on the backend so that you can easily update content without knowing any code. All of this is backed by experts in our firm who have done research on your project before starting, are constantly learning new industry practices, and have marketing data to backup solutions on design and development. When you complete a project with us, you can expect a polished website that looks great, functions great, allows you to update whenever, and will land you new clients or customers.

3) Cheap website designs are not backed by data.

Did you know that the rough total amount of smartphones entering the world each day is around 1.45 million devices? Did you know that there are specific ways that people’s eyes navigate your website? Did you know that Google looks at how efficiently a website is coded which affects your ranks? These, along with hundreds of other studies, are data points that we take into account for every website we build. We don’t just churn out websites – we craft them.

Cheap websites are produced on the masses and don’t follow industry practices for not only the web but for marketing. They are meant to get you in and out of the door as fast as possible without truly knowing your business or customers. At Product of Caffeine, we always learn about our clients and their business before starting a project. Extensive research into analytics, demographics, industry practices, and more are all steps in our process that are included. This gives our clients a huge leg up when launching a custom website.

Not all websites are created equal. Roughly 37% of our business is website redesigns where clients went to other web firms only to find out they were getting a hand-me-down template that wasn’t producing results. Our WordPress Design, custom development, and ecommerce development are all packed with an expert team that will create a website you and your clients will love.

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Sales Excellence Goes Live

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One of our new clients, Sales Excellence, came to us with a problem: their last web firm just didn’t care. The website was lack luster, didn’t portray the clients services, and really didn’t push people to be curious. We took Sales Excellence under our wing and design a website that fits in line with the success of the company. Positioning the website as a thought leader website, it showcases  a lot of great techniques used to help land the next big deals. We took a simplistic approach on the homepage that focuses on the images for captivation and short bits of text to help direct the user where they need to be. The inner pages are designed to help boost rankings in search engines while still retaining a great conversion rate. We kept multiple call to actions visible on any page and kept consistent buying reinforcement on the right column with testimonials from other satisfied clients.

Check out the site now!

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Lifetime Value of Relationships

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The lifetime value of a relationship with a customer is one of the most critical aspects of business. Too often do companies waste time working with clients who take up 80% of their time while giving them only 20% of our income. A classic scenario of 80/20 rule that most small to medium sized businesses forget about. Let’s dig in a little more. What exactly is lifetime value of a relationship?

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Strategic Planning

Long vs. Short Term Web Strategies

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In our line of work, we deal with a lot of clients who have complex problems that cannot be solved overnight. These tasks can be filled with intricacies that we don’t see upfront, vendors issues, coding problems, and a myriad of other situations that are hard to solve. However, each of these problems can easily be mitigated when building a correct short and long term strategy.

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The Worst of the Worst: Terrible Web Designs

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I don’t know if any of you guys use the internet tool Stumble Upon to find new and interesting things online, but I must admit that I’m quite the fan. While enjoying my relaxed Saturday, I was mindlessly clicking through pages and pages of user-submitted sites. In between finding interesting information about some new technology coming out, and pictures of LOLcats, I came across some of the worst website designs I have ever seen. The following is a collection of sites THAT STILL EXIST. These sites, while disregarding the terrible image they have brought upon their business, are still live. The following is a collection of the 5 best (and by best, I mean high laughter inducing) websites I came across. Now…on with the comedy!

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Set Your Brand Apart From the Rest

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Building an image for your business isn’t what it used to be. The days of coming up with a clever logo and calling it good are done. With completely original logo designs that adequately align with your business being harder and harder to come by, businesses must embrace other areas to increase their brand awareness and recognition.

I recently came across an article that told the anecdote of Coca Cola and their goal to come up with a “smashable” brand image. To summarize what this project was about, Coke executives in 1915 had a designer come up with a design for their bottle that could make it recognizable, even if the glass bottle was hurled at a brick wall and smashed into a million pieces..hence the term “smashable”.

Whether it be 1915 or 2012, those same principles about a business having an image outside of its logo still ring true. Businesses need to realize that a logo is a part of it, but not all. The interactive experience of using a product or website, the emotions that it invokes, and last but not least, the consistency of the brand are just as important as the logo and can leave just as much of a impression as a well designed logo.

Now it’s time for you to go and take a look at your business’ website. Take the logo off and move around the site. Can you still tell that it’s your site, or does the logo make the most memorable impact? What about the font used – is it consistent through the entire site and does it help build the brand in itself? The color scheme – what kinds of emotions does it convey and are the those the feelings that you want people to feel?

What are your thoughts after looking at your business’ website? Do you think that the look and feel ties together well throughout it? Do the images, navigation, and font used complement each other and contribute to a recognizable website? If not, you might as well have put the cash used to create your superb business logo in the fireplace.