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I read an interesting article today that coined a term I have never heard, full stack marketing. What I think struck me most, was it completely resonated how I feel about marketing in today’s startup world. It seems that all too often marketing and SEO companies are simply willing to give up on real marketing and instead just throw dollar after dollar at Google AdWords. Sidebar: While I am not against spending money this way, its done completely wrong. Paid advertising via Google AdWords is a method of testing, not gaining. Think of it this way, you must create a desirable product, that people feel the need to buy regardless of advertising. Using AdWords can get you some temporary traffic to test your product. Once you know it is effective, then you can continue moving towards the holy grail of organic traffic.

Okay, back on track. Think of full stack marketing just as you would a full stack developer. A full stack developer is all things. A software programmer, a mobile app programmer, a web developer, etc… A full stack marketer must be good at a similar set of skills as well. For example a full stack marketer is proud of their product, willing to spread the word anywhere they go, they strive to share the product and their expertise via social media, they write articles and press releases describing their product, and they fearlessly refine their website so it conveys they product in the best possible light.

The days of Black Hat SEO and huge AdWords campaigns are over. Its time for full stack marketing to take its place (marketing with a passion, expertise, and voice about your product or service).

We will be doing some more blogs in the future that explain individual marketing strategies built for any level of marketing budget. So stay tuned for that. If you are interested in a free marketing consultation contact us.

Lastly here are a couple great articles that further explain full stack marketing.

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