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wordpress for startups

“Startup” – It seems like we hear this buzzword constantly (especially those starting  a new business). With so many individuals leaving the fast food window, the 9-5, and the call center to start their own ventures it’s no wonder that a startup culture has been breed. One issue we see in startups is the founder ends up doing everything. Wearing every hat from accounting, branding, marketing, web design, and sales. While this may be the only way to get things done, there are also tons of tools already on the market to help startups bootstrap these business function. Product of Caffeine specializes in web design and development, so we are going to focus the rest of the article on that topic.

Lets talk about the WordPress platform and how it can bootstrap your startups’ web presence. If you are in need of an easy to use platform, WordPress has it all. Not only is it one of the most used platforms, it is also updated often and there are tons of addons that can give you additional functionality without the high cost of a custom solution. WordPress is also super easy to use and there are tons of free resources on the web to help you answer questions and add functionality, most of which or free or very cost effective.

WordPress Features:

  • Posts (Mostly things like blog posts use this functionality. Other things like events, lists, products, and reviews can use the same base functionality)
  • Pages (These are pages like your mission statement, calendar, pricing, products and contact page)
  • Themes (This is the custom design that your site uses. Since your sites content is independent from the theme, it makes it easy to get a new look without rebuilding your content as well)
  • Widgets (These are little content blocks that are added to secondary and tertiary areas of the site. For example this might be a list of pages, posts, a calendar or some small bit of info that gets placed in a sidebar or even the sites footer)
  • Plugins (Plugins add additional functionality like SEO, Custom Fields, BackUps, Redirects, Security, Forms, etc…)
  • Settings (Adjust how people comment on pages and posts, set up your URL structure, import content, setup a custom blog page, etc…)

With those features in mind, WordPress can be used to showcase a product or service you are launching, or to collect leads that you can then convert into customers. Likewise with a good design you can also set up landing pages, forms, and targeted pages that help convert specific advertisements or market segments. There is almost no limit to what WordPress can do for your business, that is why it is the most popular content management platform.

Here at Product of Caffeine we specialize in creating custom WordPress design and development solutions. We do everything from custom themes, content types, plugins, deployment, and maintenance. If you have any questions about our services or how we can help you get your startup on the web, give us a call or send us a message.

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