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Building an image for your business isn’t what it used to be. The days of coming up with a clever logo and calling it good are done. With completely original logo designs that adequately align with your business being harder and harder to come by, businesses must embrace other areas to increase their brand awareness and recognition.

I recently came across an article that told the anecdote of Coca Cola and their goal to come up with a “smashable” brand image. To summarize what this project was about, Coke executives in 1915 had a designer come up with a design for their bottle that could make it recognizable, even if the glass bottle was hurled at a brick wall and smashed into a million pieces..hence the term “smashable”.

Whether it be 1915 or 2012, those same principles about a business having an image outside of its logo still ring true. Businesses need to realize that a logo is a part of it, but not all. The interactive experience of using a product or website, the emotions that it invokes, and last but not least, the consistency of the brand are just as important as the logo and can leave just as much of a impression as a well designed logo.

Now it’s time for you to go and take a look at your business’ website. Take the logo off and move around the site. Can you still tell that it’s your site, or does the logo make the most memorable impact? What about the font used – is it consistent through the entire site and does it help build the brand in itself? The color scheme – what kinds of emotions does it convey and are the those the feelings that you want people to feel?

What are your thoughts after looking at your business’ website? Do you think that the look and feel ties together well throughout it? Do the images, navigation, and font used complement each other and contribute to a recognizable website? If not, you might as well have put the cash used to create your superb business logo in the fireplace.

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