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We have worked on thousands of web projects here at Product of Caffeine. One of the most common problems we run into is the “just do it” school of thought. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is the Nike, coined term of just getting somthing done, no questions asked. The problem with this mentality, is there are usually errors. Why? Well first let me say “just do it” refers to sports, not web design. Second building a great website is a lot more like building a multi million dollar mansion. You wouldn’t just buy a bunch of wood and start building without a plan would you?

Below I am going to discuss some ideas that will help you gain an understanding of how the web design and development process works. In some ways this is also the same process used for creating a business plan, marketing, or building a product.


Each project is built off of a concept. Sometimes this diverges into two projects or more. The general goal during the concept phase is to lay out current issues, potential solutions to current issues, and new ideas. Our team accomplishes this by analyzing analytic data, user surveys, current trends, and more.


At this stage, we sort all of our concepts into projects. Sometimes this is more than one project or phase but generally consists of solving one initiative at one time. Each project is then built into a wire frame, storyboard, or general initiative.

Design and Build

Our goal is to create great designs. However, it’s not common to get design right the first time. Our team builds in lean and iterative cycles as opposed to a rigid and linear waterfall process. Once this phase is complete the project launches.


No website or project is truly complete. If it were possible to create the perfect product the first time every time, it would be fantastic, but this is not the truth. Our goal is to measure each goal we originally set out to solve. If these goals are being met then we are on the right track, if not we may need to iterate.


Business is ever changing. You must constantly go through this loop in order to learn, react, and respond to issues. Once this process gets going it becomes much easier to make the correct choices.

At this point the loop is complete, your findings will tell you two things. You either keep moving forward or you make an iterative change to your plan. If you are interested in learning lean methodologies I highly recommend reading The Lean Startup.

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