Why do small businesses need a website?

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Back in the 90’s, the internet was just beginning to flourish and people weren’t really sure if e-commerce and online stores would go anywhere, if at all. In today’s world however, that question has been answered by online giants like Amazon and eBay. Even if you’re a local business that doesn’t sell any goods online, you should still have some sort of online presence. If, however, your products are something that could be sold online easily, you should be considering the additional source of revenue because of the continuous increase in the number of online shoppers.

Let’s assume for the sake of this article though, that you’re just a small local business that is strictly a brick and mortar operation. Why should you have a website for your business, if you don’t plan on dealing with any online transactions? The most important answer to this, in my mind anyways, is that people are using online resources more than ever to find and products or services they’re looking to buy. Let’s say you are a small clothes store here in Fort Collins. Just imagine the amount of people that search online every month for Fort Collins clothes stores, finds the store’s website that sells what they’re looking to buy, writes down the store’s address that’s listed on their site, then goes there and buys what they’re looking for?

The second answer that comes to mind is how much a professionally designed website can help establish credibility for the business involved. I have seen countless websites for small businesses that look like they were designed by colorblind monkeys in the mid-90’s. What kind of image does that reflect on the business itself? Bad for them, good for you. If you have a website that not only looks good, but also stays in line with the branding of the business, it creates a feeling of stability and trustworthiness that could lead to increased revenue for your business.

Your website is an important part of your business’ brand. Treat it as such and you will notice an increase in store visits and, in turn, profit.

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